Shot blasting, road & highway surface planing, scabblers & scarifiers, concrete grinders & hand tools for surface preparation
  • Mixer machines and mixing equipment


    SPE manufacture & supply a range of mixing machines such as the popular Mixit25 and Mixit60 high capacity mixers as well as a large range of mixing tools, drums and paddles.

  • MP6000 sit & ride multipurpose shot blasting, planing, grinding and surface stripping preparation machine


    A highly versatile 'sit & ride' surface preparation machine with inter-changeable heads for: shot blasting, planing, surface grinding & stripping.

  • Surface and floor grinding machines


    For the grinding & polishing of concrete, terrazoo, tiled surfaces and the removal of surface contaminants. Range includes machines for light grinding tasks through to the DFG700 triple orbital grinder for heavy duty projects.

  • Floorsaw machines


    The SPE range of floorsaws includes products with 230mm, 350mm or 450mm blade guard capacities. Quick, safe and efficient tools for joint cutting, chasing or repairing highways.

  • BEF Multi-Planers surface planers / scabblers & scarifiers


    The SPE BEF Multi-Planer range are strong, efficient and highly effective planer / scarifier solutions. Machines are available with 200mm, 275mm and 320mm cutting widths, as well as 360mm & 500mm skidsteer versions.

  • Multi-Strippers floor stripping machines


    SPE multi-strippers are designed to make the removal of flooring & tiles a simple process. Machines are designed for the smaller contractor with widths starting from 200mm, right up to the powerful 'sit & ride' MP600 600mm machine, available in electric and gas powered versions.

  • STR multi-purpose surface praparation machine


    The STR 701 is a reliable & efficient multi-purpose floor surface preparation machine. With a vast range of specially designed tools, the STR 701 can accommodate a large range of surface preparation tasks.

  • Vacuum systems for dust free surface preparation


    Vacuum systems are essential for dust free surface preparation. SPE supply a wide range of vacuums suitable for all SPE products as well as those of other manufacturers.

  • Hand tools


    From angle grinders to the SPE Easy Cut and Easy Grind systems, you will find that SPE have a range of hand tools & accessories that will cater for the majority of your detailed surface preparation needs.

  • Diamond cutting discs, cup discs, ginding blocks


    Diamond tools are utilised for a number of surface preparation tasks. SPE supply a vast array of cup discs, cutting blades & diamond grinding blocks specifically designed for the surface preparation industry.

  • Wet concrete - power trowels & fast strike


    SPE also provide tools and equipment for the preparation of wet concrete. Both our power trowel and fast strike systems are highly versatile and efficient in processing even large size wet concrete surfaces.

  • Open blast - shot blasting systems


    Although captive shot blasting is the technique of choice in the surface preparation industry, there are areas where conventional open blast techniques are still appropriate. Our Open blast range of shot blasting equipment & tools caters for this need.

  • Pneumatic tools, needle scalers, scaling hammers


    Pneumatic tools still provide an essential method for the removal of surface deposits in hard to reach areas. SPE can supply you with the tools you need - from needle scalers to scaling hammers.

  • HCA - Hot Compressed Air systems


    Hot Compressed Air (HCA) systems are ideal for demanding surface preparation tasks requiring an element of heat. The SPE pedestrian system is unique & self contained - eliminating the need for a seperate air compressor.

  • Airless spray systems


    For tough, demanding working conditions, the SPE Airless Spray range is the ideal solution for the application of epoxy coating, polyurethene and solvent materials. A tough, durable and proven design with the added benefit of easy maintenance.

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The SPE Group of companies encompasses a range of industries specialising in the development, production and distribution of world leading surface preparation equipment products.

From concrete to steel, our products are designed to tackle the most demanding surfaces quickly and efficiently.

Autoblast shot blasting machines, floor grinders, floor planers & scarifiers, multistrippers, mixers and hand tools - whatever your need, we have the products, skills and service to take the complexity out of any surface preparation task with reliability and cost effectiveness.

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