BEF Multi-Planers surface planers / scabblers & scarifiers


The SPE BEF™ Multi-Planer range are strong, efficient and highly effective planer / scarifier solutions. Machines are available with 200mm, 275mm and 320mm cutting widths, as well as 360mm & 500mm skidsteer versions.

BEF 500™: Hydraulic Powered Multiplane Skidsteer

With larger contracts comes the need for a larger type of planer. Many years of experience in the design and operation of surface preparation equipment combined with modern computer aided design techniques has resulted in the BEF 500™ Skidsteer mounted planer.

The BEF 500™ Multiplane Skidsteer is a concrete and asphalt planer that has been produced particularly for the larger Skidsteerloader with a full 500mm (19.7 inch) working width and integrated hydraulic power. It is designed to achieve high work rates on large scale jobs.
Most popular 'Bobcat' type Skidsteer loaders are suitable as drive units for the BEF 500 providing they are continuously rated to meet the power and flow characteristics shown in the product specifications. Full details of power requirements and a list of attachment / conversion kits are available upon request. Like the BEF 360™, the cutting head is fully floating and totally isolated from the movement of the power unit.
Product Specifications
Power Output (Hp):27
Cutter Head Speed (rpm):1250
Cutter Working Width (mm):500
Hydraulic Requirements:55 ltr/min at 160 bar
Product Dimensions
Length (mm):1200
Width (mm):660
Height (mm):503
Operational Weight (Kg):470
Dust control available
Low operator fatigue
Contour following head
Accurate depth control for precision surface texture and maximum cutter life
Side plate access for quick and easy cutter drum removal
Cleaning and Texturing large areas of concrete and asphalt
Heavy duty concrete reduction and scabbling
Grooving applications on both roads and runways
Removal of waterproof membranes from bridge and car park decks
Thermoplastic line removal
Removal of paint, grease, adhesive and concrete laitance
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