BEF Multi-Planers surface planers / scabblers & scarifiers


The SPE BEF™ Multi-Planer range are strong, efficient and highly effective planer / scarifier solutions. Machines are available with 200mm, 275mm and 320mm cutting widths, as well as 360mm & 500mm skidsteer versions.

BEF™ Multiplane Range

Surface preparation Equipment needs to be robust and reliable, capable of tackling the most demanding surfaces. The SPE BEF™ Multiplane Range is designed with such tasks in mind.

Utilising the many years of experience in design and operation of surface preparation equipment, SPE embraced modern computer aided design to develop a strong, reliable range of surface planers that meet the most demanding of tasks - yet incorporate modern, clean aesthetically pleasing styles that will appeal to the image concious company.
The BEF Multiplane comes in a range of products with petrol, diesel and electric (single and 3 phase) powered versions available and are suitable for tasks ranging from the lightest work to those where a heavy duty machine is required.

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