Surface and floor grinding machines


For the grinding & polishing of concrete, terrazoo, tiled surfaces and the removal of surface contaminants. Range includes machines for light grinding tasks through to the DFG700 triple orbital grinder for heavy duty projects.

DFG 1000™: Sit and Ride, Remote Contolled 6 Head Planetary Electric Floor Grinder

The DFG 1000 is a sit-and-ride / wireless remote controlled 6-head planetary grinder designed for heavy duty grinding and polishing of large floor surfaces.

With a powerful 15kw (20hp) motor, planetary 6-head 4 v-belt drive system, the DFG1000 is superbly designed to grind large surface areas to very fine, highly polished surfaces without the swirl marks attributed to other grinding systems.
The patented 6-head design has 4 rotating and 2 counter rotating heads ensuring optimum balance during the grinding process, allowing the machine to grind more efficiently.
The balance of the machine is so precise that it can be tilted on its rear wheels with ease by pulling down on the handle at the top of the unit above the driver’s seat. This means that visual inspection and change of tools can be performed quickly, efficiently and safely.
With a 1000mm grinding width, the DFG 1000 is capable of very high production rates, although this is dependent on the type of surface and the grinding process.
A magnetic and pin guide based system also makes tool changing quick and efficient with a selection of both metal and resin tools available.
Designed for dry grinding, no water tank is supplied; however, the DFG 1000 is designed to work with water as well.
Product Specifications
Type:Electric Sit and Ride
Power Source:380~415v 3 Phase 50Hz
Output Power :15kw / 20hp
Head Speed:300 ~ 1760 rpm
Grinding Width:1000mm
Discs:6 x 250mm
Remote Control Supported:Yes
Product Dimensions
Length (mm):2200
Width (mm):1000
Height (mm):1660
Weight (Kg):750

Part code: 10001-16SB

10001-16SB: Metal Tool 16 Grit Soft Bond

Part code: 10002-20/30SB

10002-20/30SB: Metal Tool 20/30 Grit Soft Bond

Part code: 10003-60/80SB

10003-60/80SB: Metal Tool 60/80 Grit Soft Bond

Part code: 10004-100/120SB

10004-100/120SB: Metal Tool 100/120 Grit Soft Bond

Part code: 10005-16MB

10005-16MB: Metal Tool 16 Grit Medium Bond

Part code: 10006-20/30MB

10006-20/30MB: Metal Tool 20/30 Grit Medium Bond

Part code: 10007-60/80MB

10007-60/80MB: Metal Tool 60/80 Grit Medium Bond

Part code: 10008-100/120MB

10008-100/120MB: Metal Tool 100/120 Grit Medium Bond

Part code: 1000A-16HB

1000A-16HB: Metal Tool 16 Grit Hard Bond

Part code: 1000B-20/30HB

1000B-20/30HB: Metal Tool 20/30 Grit Hard Bond

Part code: 1000C-60/80HB

1000C-60/80HB: Metal Tool 60/80 Grit Hard Bond

Part code: 1000D-100/120HB

1000D-100/120HB: Metal Tool 100/120 Grit Hard Bond

Part code: 1000PCD-D

1000PCD-D: Metal Double PCD Tool

Part code: 1000PCD-S

1000PCD-S: Metal PCD Tool

Part code: 1000RT100

1000RT100: #100 Grit Resin Tool

Part code: 1000RT1500

1000RT1500: #1500 Grit Resin Tool

Part code: 1000RT200

1000RT200: #200 Grit Resin Tool

Part code: 1000RT3000

1000RT3000: #3000 Grit Resin Tool

Part code: 1000RT400

1000RT400: #400 Grit Resin Tool

Part code: 1000RT50

1000RT50: #50 Grit Resin Tool

Part code: 1000RT800

1000RT800: #800 Grit Resin Tool
Sit and Ride design
Wireless remote control
Patented 6-head planetary grinding head system
4 rotating and 2 counter rotating heads provide optimum balance and efficient grinding
Variable speed grinding 300~1760 rpm
Robust construction
4 v-rib drive belt system to minimise slip and power loss
Easy belt replacement - only bottom of machine needs disassembling
Machine travel at up to 12m per minute
Powerful LED headlamps to aid visibility
Lockable wheels for easy transport
Programmable logic controller allows easy detection of problems and more reliable operation
Accurate grinding of concrete surfaces
Re-profiling of old concrete floors
Removal of old coatings & contaminates
Provides ideal preparation for thin film coating
Concrete polishing to high gloss finish
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