Surface and floor grinding machines


For the grinding & polishing of concrete, terrazoo, tiled surfaces and the removal of surface contaminants. Range includes machines for light grinding tasks through to the DFG700 triple orbital grinder for heavy duty projects.

Floor Grinders

Successful diamond Floor Grinder products must be well designed with a perfect compliment of weight and balance to allow the operator complete control.

All SPE Floor Grinders are designed with these factors in mind.
With many years experience the the design and development of surface preparation equipment, and the benefit of modern computer aided design, SPE have developed a range of Floor Grinders with just the right weight to act on the grinding heads to facilitate accurate and rapid grinding.
SPE Floor Grinders are available in either electric or petrol powered varieties - all designed to minimise operational noise and reduce impact vibration as much as possible. Combined with consistant diamond wear rates and ease of use, SPE Floor Grinders are the ideal, economical machines for floor preparation work.

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