HCA - Hot Compressed Air systems


Hot Compressed Air (HCA) systems are ideal for demanding surface preparation tasks requiring an element of heat. The SPE pedestrian system is unique & self contained - eliminating the need for a seperate air compressor.

HCA 330™: HCA System

The SPE HCA330 System has been designed for the treatment of oil impregnated concrete floors.

The unit consists of a specially designed combustion chamber into which propane gas and compressed air are fed. The gas/air mixture is ignited by an electronic starter box. The unit is then directed by the operator to burn a 310mm wide path onto the floor at an optimum temperature of 1000c. The oil is quickly carbonised leaving an ideal surface to allow primers to penetrate and seal the concrete effectively.
Product Specifications
Type:Propane Gas / Air
Air Consumption at 90Psi:110CFM
Working Width (mm):310
Product Dimensions
Length (mm):480
Width (mm):160
Height (mm):1800
Weight (Kg):32

Part code: 6751

6751: HCA 330™ Flare Unit

Part code: 6752

6752: HCA 330™ Starter Box

Part code: 6753

6753: HCA 330™ Mixer Tap

Part code: 6754

6754: HCA 330™ 12m Hose
Unique process
Easy handling
Treatment of oil impregnated floors
General drying of wet/damp surfaces prior to various applications
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