Mixer machines and mixing equipment


SPE manufacture & supply a range of mixing machines such as the popular Mixit 25™ and Mixit 60™ high capacity mixers as well as a large range of mixing tools, drums and paddles.

6050: SPE heavy Duty Polyethylene Mixer Drum

SPE Polyethylene mixer Drums - increase the life of your standard concrete mixer.

Standard concrete mixers fitted with steel drums invariably end up covered in concrete and badly mishapen due to the contractor trying to clean the mixer after the concrete has set.
The SPE heavy duty replacement Polyethylene Mixer Drum instantly solves this problem with its easy to clean, dent free, long life construction.

Part code: 6051

6051: Mixer Drum Optional Steel/Paddles (Set of 2)
Easy to clean
Long life
Lightweight dent free construction
Can be recycled
Available in company colours
Facility to insert customer logo
Permanent colour
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