STR multi-purpose surface praparation machine


The STR 701™ is a reliable & efficient multi-purpose floor surface preparation machine. With a vast range of specially designed tools, the STR 701 can accommodate a large range of surface preparation tasks.

STR 701™ Multipurpose Preparation System

The STR 701™ is a rotary preparation machine. Simple, safe, comfortable to operate and highly effective. Low noise levels (64dB) along with the complete absence of fumes, vibration and dust make the STR 701™ the ideal machine for refurb and renovation.

The maintenance free STR 701™ offers total reliability and is the result of over 15 years constant development and improvement.

An exclusive range of cleaning and grinding heads have been developed to solve the many problems faced on site. The range includes tungsten carbide, diamond and silicon carbide attachments together with a comprehensive range of brushes. The STR 701™ can be operated dust free when used with the S5026 dust extraction skirt and a suitable vacuum.

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