Autoblast shot blasting machines


Fully enclosed shot blasting machines for the preparation of concrete, asphalt & steel surfaces (to SA3 standard). Ranges included for light to heavy workloads and vertical surface blasting - all dust free.

Shot Blaster Machines

From concrete to Steel - SPE Autoblast™ products are manufactured to provide high quality finishes both quickly and efficiently.

SPE are specialists when it comes to dry abrasive cleaning and texturing of horizontal or slightly inclined surfaces. Our Autoblast range of products are quickly being recognised in both industrial and environmental sectors as leading the way in fast, versatile and dust free methods for surface preparation.
The range includes electrically powered products (both single and 3 phase varieties for the more demanding tasks), as well as the more specialised Roadabrator D16 - ideal for multi storey car parks, roads, bridge decks and airport runways.

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