Autoblast shot blasting machines


Fully enclosed shot blasting machines for the preparation of concrete, asphalt & steel surfaces (to SA3 standard). Ranges included for light to heavy workloads and vertical surface blasting - all dust free.

SPE D16 Roadabrator™: Diesel Powered Ride-on Autoblast

The Roadabrator D16™ is a ride on Autoblast machine which has been designed specifically for specialist type works such as multi storey car parks, roads, bridge decks and airport runways.

Self propelled and infinitely variable in all operations. The diesel powered unit requires no other forms of power or air supply being a totally self contained one person operation, making it ideal for the larger contracts. Mainly used for the preparation of concrete but equally effective of steel surfaces. The D16™ like the standard range of Autoblast machines can have the seal system feature fitted which can vary the blast cleaning width from 2" up to its maximum of 16" this makes it ideal for removing road markings. Recognised in industry as the modern, fast, versatile, environmental dust free means to dry abrasive cleaning and texturing of horizontal or slightly inclined surfaces. This eliminates mess normally associated with hand blasting and leaves an ideal surface for coatings and overlays to be applied. Abrasive and debris is contained to prevent hazardous working and environmental pollution.
Product Specifications
Type:Diesel Engine
Power Output Drive Unit (Hp):33
Cleaning Width (mm):406
Product Dimensions
Length (mm):3400
Width (mm):2098
Height (mm):2000
Weight (Kg):2100

Part code: 08002/16

08002/16: SPE D16™ Control Cage

Part code: 08003/16

08003/16: SPE D16™ Impellor

Part code: 16/08001

16/08001: SPE D16™ Blastwheel Blades

Part code: 16/08008

16/08008: SPE D16™ Right Hand Side Liner

Part code: 16/08009

16/08009: SPE D16™ Left Hand Side Liner

Part code: 16/08010

16/08010: SPE D16™ Hood Liner
Blast unit constructed of manganese steel
Self propelled variable speed drive allows complete operator control
Grill fitted into lower separator hopper unit assembly to eliminate foreign objects being allowed into the blast wheel and causing damage
Dust collector fitted with integral compressor and reverse air jet pulsation system to allow continuous working
Blast head floats independently of drive unit keeping the head in constant contact with the surface at all times while in operation
Blast head can be lifted clear of the surface for quick transportation
No additional power source required
Removal of old coatings
Exposing aggregates
Providing non-slip surfaces
Removing rubber deposits
Laitance removal on new concrete floors
Multi-storey car parks
Shopping precincts
Bridge decks
Airport runways
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