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Contracting Services

Surface Preparation Contracting Services for Australasia...

Shot Blasting Line marking Removal Removing surface contaminents Surface stripping

SPE Australia Contracting Services utilise a large range of SPE equipment for the highest standard of dust free surface preparation..

SPE Australia Contracting carry out varying types of preparation work from concrete to steel - from relatively simple tasks such as road marking removal to more complex concrete diamond grinding operations in preparation for a new surface. For example:

Surface re-texturing

Dust free captive shot blasting is a technique where small steel shot is propelled at speed onto the asphalt / concrete surface, removing deeply embedded surface contaminants, dirt and grit. This environmentally friendly process restores the surface texture without damaging the surface structure with speed and efficiency.

Line marking removal

Dust free captive blasting or surface planing techniques can be used to remove line markings on concrete and asphalt surfaces on road surfaces, airport runways or car park surfaces for example.

Cleaning & removal of surface contaminants

This common task on concrete surfaces is primarily achieved using dust free, environmentally friendly captive shot blasting techniques. A keyed surface also results for the application of thick coatings if required. Captive shot blasting is also the method of choice for removing laitance on newly laid concrete surfaces.

Anti skid / anti slip surface removal

A necessary process when performance has degraded and the anti skid surface is to be renewed or removed altogether.

Surface levelling / removal of high spots

This can be achieved using surface planing techniques; often be quicker and more cost effective than using more complex levelling compounds. For accurate detail, surface grinding may be used.

Surface grinding

Used to prepare surfaces for thin coating applications or the grinding of surfaces to a fine polished finish.

Whether a project is large or small scale, we always strive to provide the highest quality of service. And with the full backing of The SPE Group of Companies, SPE Australia Contracting is in a unique position to offer services to industry where projects require complex, often bespoke solutions. We have the ability to adapt or create bespoke products to ensure surface preparation tasks can be completed on time and on budget

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