Special / Bespoke Projects

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Special / Bespoke Projects

Design, Manufacture, Modify...

SPE International have the in house capabilities to design, produce or modify virtually any type of machine or equipment that may be required by our industry.

Previous Examples Include

  • A remote control Autoblast machine capable of being used in hazardous areas where personnel are restricted from entry. The machine illustrated was fitted with lights and CCTV cameras to enable operation without sight of equipment
  • A modified floor saw based unit for recessing railway platforms. The machine has a guidance frame to run along the platform and the recess left was to allow for the application of a non-slip tile
  • Design and production of a diamond planning drum to fit customers BEF275 equipment. The system was used to grind an accurate 2 mm deep recess into warehouse floors. The recess was then filled with epoxy paint to provide permanent line marking
  • Modification to customers SPE16D Roadabrator ride-on Autoblast machine. A BEF320 planning head was mounted in front of the blast head to mill thick thermoplastic markings prior to total removal by the blasthead. The system is currently being used in North America.
  • Modification of BEF200 Multiplane unit for the removal of chlorinated rubber paint in confined spaces
  • Design and manufacture of SPE9ES machine modified for customer requirements to clean and prepare underground railway station floor areas
  • The redesign of a V20 vertical blast head to be mounted onto a crawler mounted marine vertical blast unit for preparing ship vertical surfaces in German shipyards
The SPE International product range is subject to ammendment and improvement as a result of development and ongoing research. We reserve the right to alter details and specifications without notice. Copyright exists on all original design features. No content from this website should be used without written consent from SPE International Ltd..