Shot Blasting machines for vertical surfaces


The SPE Range of captive shot blasting machines specifically designed for the dust free shot blasting of vertical steel surfaces up to SA3 standard.

SPE V2™: 380~415V 50Hz 3 Phase 305mm Vertical Autoblast & Dust Collector

watch V2-12 working video The Vertical Blast Machine Series has been developed mainly for the preparation of vertical steel surfaces. The design of the blast head provides recovery of abrasive by kinetic energy and vacuum providing major benefits over conventional methods.

SPE V2™ Series Autoblast Vertical Shot Blasters
This type of vertical shot blaster is designed to blast clean the internal shell of oil tanks up to 2m from the floor. The blast clean head is mounted on a mobile framework and the V2™ is driven around the perimeter of the tank during the blast cleaning process. As one pass is completed, the blast head is raised inside the framework and the process repeated. This is the only system manufactured worldwide specifically for this purpose.
Product Specifications
Power Output (Hp):15
Cleaning Width (mm):305
Electric Specifications
Voltage (v):380 ~ 415
Cycles (Hz):50
Plug Size:63 Amp 4 Pin
Cable Size (mm):16.0 - 4 Core
Max. Cable Length (m):100
Generator (Kva):45
Dust Collector:----------
Voltage (v):380 ~ 415
Cycles (Hz):50
Plug Size:63 Amp 4 Pin
Cable Size (mm):16.0 - 4 Core
Max. Cable Length (m):100

Part code: 08001

08001: Blastwheel Blades

Part code: 08002/12

08002/12: Control Cage

Part code: 08003/12

08003/12: Impellor

Part code: 08008

08008: Left Side Liner

Part code: 08010

08010: Hood Liner
Blast unit constructed of manganese steel
Self propelled variable speed drive allows complete operator control
Dust free operation
Dismantles to fit through 600mm access hole in storage tank
Magnetic roller clamp secures unit to steel structure
Removal of old coatings
Steel preparation to SA3 standard
Removal of corrosion and mill scale
Storage Tanks
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